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Hints on Closing The Sale

Hints on Closing the Sale

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Hints on Closing the Sale Allow me to introduce you to why I feel the art of professional closing so vitally needed, especially by today’s better trained and more informed and professional salespeople.  These are also the same salespeople who have

Referrals - Your Best Advantage

Referrals – Your Best Advantage

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Referrals – Your Best Sales Advantage Most people don’t understand the value of referrals even though the highest paid sellers around the world profess that Referrals are their primary source of business.  In fact, these same sales supersell

Better than Average Sales Lead Generators

Better than Average Sales Lead Generators

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Better than Average Lead Generators Over the years, I’ve worked with some of the best professional salespeople in this country.  They had one thing in common, they all knew the value of lead generation (and in most cases) personally generated anyw

Overcoming the Fear of Rejection

Overcoming the Fear of Rejection

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OVERCOMING THE FEAR OF REJECTION Extracted from the book “Over 50 Ways of Closing the Sale” by Peter Collins This FEAR (the FEAR OF REJECTION) is perhaps the HARDEST to detect in a salesperson  –  but by far, the EASIEST to correct.  Yet

What is Value-Added Selling

What is Value-Added Selling

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WHAT IS VALUE-ADDED SELLING? Almost every business claims to have better people, better service, and more technical expertise than all their competitors. The trouble is their competitors often say the same thing.  And they all can’t be right. This

Why is Value Based Selling Important

Why is Value Based Selling Important

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Why is VALUE BASED Selling Important? In today’s modern world of selling, the process of selling can be best described as gravitating towards definite forms of segmentation based on clearly defined levels compartmentalisation. Never before has the

Needs or Wants Selling - Which do People Buy On

Needs or Wants Selling – Which do People Buy on?

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NEEDS OR WANTS SELLING – WHICH DO PEOPLE BUY ON? Extracted from the book “Over 50 Ways of Closing the Sale” by Peter Collins Do people buy on the basis of needs or do they buy on the basis of wants?  Think about it carefully – in you

Hints on Closing The Sale

Understanding Closing the Sale

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Understanding Closing the Sale Allow me to introduce you to why I feel the art of professional closing so vitally needed, especially by today’s better trained and more informed and professional salespeople.  These are also the same salespeople who


Dennis Burt

I've known Peter Collins for about eighteen months after attending one of his Profit Maker sales seminars. In November last year I went to a second seminar with Peter, the Winning Sales Edge seminar on changing sales and embracing better winning ways to sell face-to-face. At the time the company I'm with were doing round about $180-190,000 sales per month.  From December on, it was quite over Christmas, but from January, February right through till now, we started to increase roughly by 25% each month. Up till the last two months we're turning over $400,000. Prior to that I had one salesman helping me, but now I'm the only salesman there. To tell you the truth, I am not that fantastic as a salesman, but what this information has done is changed my life as well as my income.  Even my customers are saying, 'What has changed with you, you appear to be different? Why all of a sudden you can give all these promises?' and I just 'well I've been to sales seminars for years, but I've met Peter Collins who, as a record-breaker, has shown me how to sell, shown me how to speak to people, how to trial-close the sale and shown me how to close a sale, so when I leave a customer, the customer is happy with what he's got'. But since I attended that last Profit Maker seminar, I'm up early, I'm making more calls and I'm also calling on at least one more person a day.  I've also read his book 'Over 50 Ways of Closing the Sale' and I've taken some things out of the book and written little scrips for myself, and I'll read from these scripts throughout my working day. Dennis Burt – Sales Manager – Wholesale Lighting


In July, I came to a Profit Maker sales seminar conducted by Peter Collins and it really did change my selling – and it changed my life. The information I received was so powerful abd my mind was racing so much I wasn’t able to sleep very well the first night, probably worst , I wasn't able to sleep well the next few nights as well. My business increased almost immediately, and all I can say is that you know you are dealing with with positive people when you deal with Profit Maker and I am looking forward to how my future evolves.

Mark Swinton

The first time I met Peter Collins attending one of his Winning Edge Sales Seminars changed my life. In the first few weeks I found my sales increased selling wholesale sound systems from 50-100%. I also found myself much more positive and more focused as a result of the things I have learned from him. I've also learned to take control of my own life, rather than allowing others to control it for me, which I've certainly found in my last situation. As a result of that, my belief system has also changed. Since then my sales have continued to increase and in the past three months the results have been better than I had written in the previous eight month period. Mark Swinton – Area Sales Manager – Sound Wholesalers

Hank Piper

I went to a Profit Maker seminar just eight weeks ago and I cannot believe the difference this involvement has made to me. I've had a whole change of attitude about a lot of things, a new focus, and I feel better about myself and things that I've learned and imparted to my people and seen sales go through the roof. Hank Piper – Business Owner – Tri-Level Marketing

Virginia Bourke

Three weeks ago I came to a Peter Collins sales seminar and that was probably the most exciting night of my life. It blew my brain. It blew my mind. I went home, I couldn't sleep; I was up till about 3 o'clock in the morning and my mind was racing just thinking about potential opportunities and things I had never seen before. Basically, as a result of three weeks ago, I can't sleep like I used to, it's just an exciting and incredible experience. Virginia Bourke – Business Owner – Trail Blazers

Warren Lowlett

After selling for eight years without formal training, yet still attaining the position of No 1 salesman for my company, I purchased "Over 50 Ways of Closing the Sale" around 2 months ago.  To my surprise, I now close twice as many calls; make fewer call-backs; close calls I would have given up on previously; have just topped the one category which was formerly elusive to me, and now focus far better on the task at hand.  If only I had read this book 8 years ago! Warren Lowlett - Sales Representative - Kent Paper Company Pty Ltd


I have read your book with enthusiasm and recognise the techniques used by several of my highly successful colleagues in the sales domain.  Your book is well directed, carefully scripted and the text is supported by many practical examples.  Well done! Graham Goodfellow - Management Consultant - GR Goodfellow Pty Ltd

Ian McLean

In a short 224 pages, I have found "Over 50 Ways of Closing the Sale" more detailed than any other book of its type in the market today.  Not only does it teach the reader to skilfully bring the sale to a close, but Peter's unique sense of humour underlines many of the selling techniques considered to be difficult to execute, even by seasoned salespeople. Ian McLean - International Commodities Broker

Niels Nielsen

This would have to be the most practical and easiest to apply book on closing techniques I have read to date, and, in a few short weeks I have markedly improved my sales follow-through.  I now not only close better than ever before, but more importantly, concentrate more on the job at hand with a new  and improved perspective at every quote I make.

Niels Nielsen - Managing Director - Niels Nielsen Pty Ltd - Builders and Contractors

Ray Austin

"Over 50 Ways of Closing the Sale" is the most comprehensive and concise sales manual I have ever read in my career of over 30 years in sales.  In revisiting some of the closes I wondered why I had ever stopped using the Ben Franklin Close, and promptly went back to using it with immediate results.  I am now using this book as a basic text in training a sales team.  Congratulations Peter, this book is a winner. Ray Austin - Managing Director - Professional Financial Planners

Sid Wills

What impressed me most about this book, is that each of the 50 closes as well as each of the other segments are all stand-alone, easy to grasp and easy to read tutorials.  This is the first sales manual written as a mini-sales encyclopaedia I have read in over 33 years of industrial selling.  If only I had been supplied with this information 20 years ago. Sid Wills - Sales Director - Cawarra Industrials Pty Ltd

Guido Pengue

This is the first book I have read that I can classify as a complete sales manual which doesn't require the reader to search out additional material from other books in order to apply its contents.  Not only did I find it enjoyable and exciting to read, but I also consider it a must for every person associated with direct selling.  It's worth it's weight in gold. Guido Pengue - Sales Director - Westlands Financial Securities Pty Ltd

Les Woods

Over the past 30 years I have read an average of three business books a month and would class this book by Peter Collins as the best and most exciting book of its type I have ever read.  Almost everything I had previously learned (about selling and closing) has been condensed into this one book. Les Woods - National Director - Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship, Australia

Vince Auciello

"Over 50 Ways of Closing the Sale" is written in a manner which is precise; to the point and without waffle, making this book both easy to read and thoroughly enjoyable as a sales training manual.  It doesn't need to be read from cover to cover for the reader to grasp and apply either the basic (or the most advanced) of the sales concepts it teaches. Vince Auciello - General Manager - Cordon Bleu Cookware (Australia) Pty Ltd