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As a teenager I picked up a “motivational” book for the very first time.  I was told this one book, “Think and Grow Rich”, by Napoleon Hill, would change my life in the same way it had focused “millions before me”.  But, in my opinion, on the first reading it had little or no impact on me or my life.  At that time my sole inspiration came from those peers I revered and idolised.  They were the sellers that would leave the showroom with four or five black and white television sets early afternoon, and return the next day with a fist-full of orders, deposits and cash.  Then the next day they would top up with televisions again, sell a few more, and again return with more orders, deposits and cash.  To me at least, what they were achieving was a lot more relevant than any of the words I had read penned by Napoleon Hill.

But is wasn’t till years later, when I had read, “The Five Great Rules of Selling”, by Percy H. Whiting (first published in 1947) that I began to realise that both my perception and fundamental foundation of selling and professional selling techniques had been modelled by those I looked up the most.  And more than a half of what I had learned definitely did not align with what this book, and other subsequent books by the superseller’s of the time, had suggested was a necessary course of action for specific situations.  What’s more, the more I studied their techniques, the more my own figures increased.   I later realised that I was achieving my results “by association” because I simply read and trialled what I was reading.

My endeavour is that this book will help you the same may today that those books shaped my selling ability way back then.  It’s now almost 44 years since my selling career began, and almost 47 years since I was first influenced by the very average and financially challenged retail salesman who rented a small wooden bungalow at the rear of my parents home in the 1950’s, who a year later risked everything to sell black and white televisions, and within a year after that bought a brand new brick veneer home for CASH.  George Gault was my inspiration to start my selling career at 17 yet he neither mentored me nor advised me.  Just being able to witness what he achieved was enough to start me on my personal journey.

Other classic books I read around that time, were “How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling”, “How I Multiplied my Income and Happiness in selling” and “How I Learned the Secrets of Success in Selling” by Frank Bettger.  In fact, they changed my life.  And I still the motivational masterpieces of the time in my library, including “How to Win Friends and Influence People” and “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living” by Dale Carnegie.  In fact, they had such a profound influence upon my life I still read today from time to time.

But the biggest lesson I learned in the earliest years of my selling was this one thing.  I am so grateful today that it didn’t take too long then for me to realise that many of those that I looked up to and admired as my personal sales mentors and advisors, didn’t really pass on very much of what they knew.  Just like a mother purposefully leaves out one or two final (but critical ingredients) in a recipe she passes onto her daughter-in-law in order to m aintain her superiority as a cook in her son’s eyes, in so many cases, so do many of the above-average sellers.  Now take note here.  I purposely referred to them as above-average sellers, not those at the top of their selling profession.

Years later, other classics like the “Power of Positive Thinking” by Dr Norman Vincent Peale, became a constant companion to me.  I would also highly recommend this book to my friends, my staff and my peers, with a word of caution however – that they overlook, or even take out the “religious” overtones that seem to dominate the book.  The fact that Dr Norman Vincent Peale was preacher had not entered my mind.  Yet today, I realise that without that “religious” content, Dr Norman’s best seller could not have been written.  It was simply a book dealing with the power of self-motivation based upon his personal faith in God and purposeful reliance on the truth contained within the pages of the Holy Bible.

At the time however, I have to admit, I was both pleased I had read these works, and at the same time a little a little frustrated and bewildered – because I had read them – and many of them, over and over again.  For some strange reason with all the reading I had done, I got the impression that I had to either believe in myself totally or fail.  I also became aware that some of the very successful people I had met at the time did not seem to possess many of the success traits, love for humanity and other “essential” factors for success detailed in those books.  And I also became aware that the prevailing success factors necessary to ensure success in one field of endeavour may not necessarily translate in the same way to another.

Experience has also taught me that a “positive mental attitude” on its own, was not the universal criterion for success.  Far from it.  Instead I learned that in the main, success was caused by a number of factors, somehow intertwined, yet all working together in harmony with each other.  The pressures of life and the performance levels we are required to adhere to, rely more on a “right mental attitude” rather than a “positive mental attitude” more than on any other factor.  A point brought out by Earl Nightingale in his film narration of “the Strangest Secret”.   A film I can honestly say changed my life and helped me rise above the threshold of merely achieving above-average results, to levels of accomplishment, I could have only dreamed of previously.

Since then, I have had the privilege of meeting (and/or working) with some of Australia’s elite salesmen.  Those in the top 1% of money earners.  The best part was many of them introduced themselves and went out of their way do develop a friendship with me.  It was like experiencing the Chinese Proverb that says, “When the Student is ready, the Master turns up.”  I have since learned the power associated with that type of relationship, and the reasoning behind it.  Through a developed like-mindedness, the sharing of ideas and the ability to have regular brainstorming sessions, each individual grows exponentially and develops individual strengths that may otherwise lay dormant.

The irony of all of this is that around the same time I was developing these close relationships with high ranking salespeople, I was also being approached by average to above average salespeople attending my seminars suggesting that the professional secrets of the top salespeople are hard to get hold of.  Then despite being advised that what I was teaching them during the seminar was the same foundation that the elite applied throughout their selling careers.  Yet no matter how hard I tried, I could see they thought I too was holding back.  For some reason U could not convince them I personally had not found this to be the case.

Every PROFESSIONAL SUPERSELLER I have met (and/or worked with) has been more than willing to help, advise and answer any question I had put to them.  That’s a fact.  I also understand, and can tell you from personal experience, that have approached me, and I would suggest have also approached a number of other professional elite salespeople and in so many cases disagreed with their suggestions, these supersellers can be selective as to who they are prepared to divulge their “secrets” to.  I do the same the minute I get resistance from anyone that is pressing me for free advice but won’t listen to what I have to say.

On one occasion I was told, “Why should I help them, when all they want to do is to gather information and in most cases never even try it out,  How will they ever know it will work for them?”  Another stated that, “At best, some people will show off that new information to their peers, but never get around to using it themselves.”  These statements are sad, but true.  I only pray that the contents of this book are not dealt with in the same manner.

The entire contents of every sales book I have ever written have been designed to give every individual salesperson who takes the trouble to read and/or study this book, an insight into how the SUPERSELLER thinks, acts and responds to many of the daily tasks and demands experienced by every salesperson, no matter what their rank or standing in either their own personal or corporate sales ladder.

Peter Collins




A 52 Year Business Career

In a career spanning in excess of 52 years, Peter Collins has focused on helping and bringing out the best in others – whether they be individuals, SME (Small to Medium Enterprises), medium and small business owners or those that work within the corporate sector.

Over that time Peter has concentrated on specialising in four separate business sectors.

Business Consulting and Restructuring,
Sales, Sales Consulting and Sales Presentation Material,
Business Marketing for SMEs
Corporate and SME Training.

As a career Sales Consultant and Sales Manager, Peter has only worked for two multi-nationals and yet achieved hall of fame status in both (twice with one). His work also involved specialised Sales Development Consulting and Sales Processes Evaluation to the Corporate sector, Medium and Small Business enterprises and has given his time freely to Charities, Church groups and Associations.

As a Marketer, Peter has worked with award winning Australian-born International Marketer Bob Pritchard (who consults to 83 Fortune 500 companies). Peters work with Bob included Sales Process Creation, Copy-Writing, Yellow Pages Advertisement Creation / Copy-Writing and the Development/Execution of Specialist Marketing Seminars. Bob has also edited and collaborated in a number of Foundational Marketing concept documents and books Peter had created on behalf of clients.

Although Peter has built a reputation as an Internationally Published author since the 1980’s and has to his credit, he is mainly known for one book based on the Audio Tape series of the same name, entitled Over 50 Ways of Closing the Sale. He is also the creator of 7 Audio Tape Sets, 5 licensed Corporate Seminars, 5 licensed Small Business Seminars, and over 50 Flexible Sales Modules.

In addition, he has had over 2,500 articles published in Newspapers, Magazines, Circulars and Social Media; appeared on Television (first on Black and White TV), AM and FM Radio and Video; and has worked as a Seminar Presenter, Corporate Trainer and Key-Note Speaker since 1977. He has also spoken in the Great Hall, Parliament House, Canberra, Australia, and Parliament House of New South Wales, Australia, on a number of occasions.

For more that 35 years now, Peter has developed as a local, national and international Corporate Consultant with expertise in personalised Business Marketing, exclusive Sales Acceleration programs, unique Management Process training and Seminar Presentations.

His work has also involved high-level dealings with key Federal and State Government Ministers, Public Service and Major Business Leaders since the late 1970’s and has consulted extensively since the early 1980’s.

In his personal life, and among Christian communities, Peter has been sought after as an encourager, motivator and mentor, that has given of his time and talents freely despite his busy schedules over the years. Subsequently, he has assisted churches, pastors, community and charity groups, as well as individuals through his teaching, training, development and on-going mentoring.

Peter has also provided these groups with a diverse range of especially written encouraging articles, quotes, newsletters and a variety of other written material that has been used in newspapers, magazines, newsletters and personalised websites to help promote churches, fundraising activities, political help as well as specialized marketing campaigns.




I am 69 years old, have a 46 year old daughter, and 3 adopted grand children 27, 24 and 21 from a previous marriage. I live in Sydney, Australia, and am semi-retired, but seem to work harder than ever these days.

I was born into a Catholic family, but left the church at 21 when I began to ask questions about the way his local church did not line up with what I had been reading in the bible given to me by a Catholic Priest elsewhere. Shortly after the Bishop overseeing the parish deemed me a heretic (for quoting the bible) and suggested I should leave his church – for my own sake. In those days 50 years ago, some mainstream churches did not encourage anyone to read the bible, and because I had no instruction about what I did wrong (except read the bible and then query what the church was doing – as opposed to what the bible said) I only went to church for Christmas, Easter, Weddings and funerals. The rest of the time, church was irrelevant to me.

In 1982 I was challenged by a Melbourne Christian Businessman named Keith Driller, who over a period of some months worked hard to move my life into a new dimension and restate my then somewhat backslidden former faith. In February 1983 I gave my heart to The Lord (through Keith) after experiencing a personal miracle. From that night, I did everything I knew to prove to myself and others that I had made a mistake and needed to correct things, but the more I read, the more audio I listened to and the more sermons I attended, the closer those things drew me to the Lord.

Fortunately, my early days were influenced by the instructions and philosophies of the then internationally acclaimed Australian author Kevin Conner (just after he returned to Melbourne, Australia from Orlando USA) at Waverly Christian Centre. After three years there, the Lord called me to Sydney, where I joined Christian Life Centre under Frank Houston, that not long afterwards became Hillsong Church under the direction of one of the best preachers worldwide, Brian Houston, that has the ability to mould the bible into every day lifestyle needs and real life challenges.

In fact, I was fortunate to visit Brian Houston’s church in the Hills District of Sydney (before it became known as Hillsong) many times when I had a congregation of 30 people. Then a few years later it grew to become Hillsong Church, and 30 years later Hillsong is a church that is now world-wide and has a congregation today in the millions. It also now has it’s own 24 hour TV channel on CNN Television worldwide. And I am still at the original Hillsong Church (and world headquarters) more than 30 years later.

It was in 1984 that I began writing Christian Material. A transition that wasn’t to hard, as I had been writing for a while at that point and had already had 5 books published – the 5th was an international success selling in excess of 1 million copies in the second year and many more after that. And it was from that background that the majority of my books (Sales, Business and Christian), together with my audio tape sets, articles, newsletters and other materials were penned.

I am not a theologian, nor a Bible School graduate, but over the years have had a burning passion to do things that I could pass on to others in my simplistic understanding of many subjects. Yet to my amazement, many of my friends that read my works asked for copies of my works to read, and then, many of those passed on would be photocopied and handed around.

The first of my works were my rewrites of the Psalms. I just wanted to get to understand the heart of King David, so I armed myself with around 10 or 15 kinds of bible and commentaries and read, studies and then rewrote each Psalm line by line. I did this for my own understanding, and then would write and rewrite these passages until I felt I could benefit from what was written. Then one day, an interstate pastor, David Tamkin, and his wife Carmen, stayed at my home, she found notes to around 30 Psalms I had rewritten left on a coffee table. She began reading them and liked what she read. When she found that I had written them she asked for copies of all I had done at the time. Carmen then took them back home and started handing them around her congregation. They were popular, and she kept asking for more material.

In a short time I was asked to write articles, motivational verse, short stories of a Christian nature and other material for youth groups and church newsletters. And that’s where this and other similar works come from. The way my work is structured today is the result of personal notes that others liked, and the work I penned just kept on expanding.

Over the 33 years, I have had the privilege to support many church works, and I have preached, addressed youth groups, run a businessmen’s fellowship and spoke at a number of businessmen’s fellowships on the east coast, addressed a national businessmen’s fellowship conference (for the best part of two days), and helped other foundations and Christian concepts grow.

I have also spoken at Great Hall, at Australia’s Federal Parliament House, and addressed a political business gathering at the New South Wales Parliament House.

I have also been lucky enough to also provided training, my books, articles and newsletters to (and at) many churches, and have worked with committees, fund raising opportunities and other church oversight’s.

However, my fondest memories (and I would say, my hardest work) was when I helped with raising funds to pay for the construction of several new church buildings, extensions and facilities, and with that experience, I was asked to head up and mobilise the fund raising for the construction of a new church building where the congregation pledged funds in the millions.

Even today, with this facebook page, I am still ministering to pastors, evangelists and elders who come to me to ask for advice. Moreover, I am also fortunate enough to bring prophetic words in season and encouragement to those who need it – whether they be parishioners or leaders. Within the first few weeks after I launched the Facebook site I led a young woman (who was disgruntled with the religiosity and worship of icons in her church) to give her heart to the Lord and start on a personal journey with the Lord Jesus Christ as her personal Lord and Saviour. There have been more since then.

Because of my business and sales background, in which I have been fortunate to have managed, taught, trained, coached, mentored and encouraged many thousands of individuals, teams and groups over a 50 year career, in fact, over time I had devised short handouts that incorporated Christian teachings with business and sales overtones.

Slowly the concept grew and grew and grew, and in the process I was able to write two notable Christian Works. The first is my “SUCCESS THROUGH THE BIBLE” series and consists of four publications (four volumes) where there are over 200 Success Groupings. They may seem repetitive, but that too is done on purpose, as repetition encourages personal memorization of ideas, passages and some Bible Scriptures. The second is the 5 volume set ‘BOOK OF PSALMS” rewritten and adapted for my own personal use

These writings are not perfect, and were never meant to be, but as a collection of sales and business ideologies moulded around Biblical Principles, and they somehow work. In fact they seem to work so well, these days many pastors are using these works, sector by sector, as an outline for some of the sermons they prepare.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.  Peter Collins




A Short History of Books Written By Peter Collins

Peter Collins had his first book published in 1969, followed by a further five books within 10 years – one, published in 1978, was a run-away best seller selling in excess of 100,000 copies within the first year of publication, and went on to sell more than 1 million copies in the next 2 years – and still sells well on the second hand market worldwide today – 38 years after the first publication.

Today, Peter is not short of material for additional works for the internet, as there are more than a dozen books, previously recorded audio, training material that can be converted into books and workbooks and a further 20 book titles in various stages of completion and is archived in the bowels of his main computer with 14 terabytes of storage (but when combined with his other computers and storage, there is now more than 22 terabytes stored).  The only thing holding up further publications is simply a lack of time to complete what he wants to while, needing to satisfy his other goals.

Peter plans to release a greater variety of titles shortly as well as make available a project he has been working on for over 10 years and will make available what he has worked on in his 51 years in the selling arena. But for now, the stable of books that are being made available on this and other websites, together with the mountain of free articles already on the site, with more in preparation that have not yet been mounted on the site.

Peter plans to release a greater variety of titles shortly as well as make available a project he has been working on for over 10 years and will make available what he has worked on in his 52 years in the selling arena. But for now, the stable of books that are being made available on this and other websites, together with the mountain of free articles already on the site, with more in preparation that have not yet been mounted on the site.

Here is a comprehensive list of current and former works by Peter Collins




  • 50 Ways Closing – Volumes 1-7 – 50 Ways of Closing Pack (7 e-book)
  • Over 50 Ways of Closing the Sale (Paperback 3 editions 1993, 1994, 1994)
    • 50 Ways Closing – Volume 1 – Over 50 Ways of Closing the Sale (e-book)
    • 50 Ways Closing – Volume 2 – 50 More Ways of Closing the Sale (e-book)
    • 50 Ways Closing – Volume 3 – Another 50 Ways of Closing the Sale (e-book)
    • 50 Ways Closing – Volume 4 – A Further 50 Ways of Closing the Sale (e-book)
    • 50 Ways Closing – Volume 5 – 50 Extra Ways of Closing the Sale (e-book)
    • 50 Ways Closing – Volume 6 – 50 Other Ways of Closing the Sale (e-book)
    • 50 Ways Closing – Volume 7 – 50 Added Ways of Closing the Sale (e-book)



In a sales history of over 51 years, Peter Collins has sold, managed, mentored, coached and assisted salespeople at all levels. He has also befriended many of the best supersellers in Australia who over the years, shared, swapped and trialled advanced selling techniques. This and the other 5 books in the series detail much of that information. They also contain many world-first revelations within their pages.


  • Secrets of the Supersellers – [6 Book Series Pack] (e-books)
    • Secrets of the Supersellers – Volume 1 – Superselling Basics (e-book)
    • Secrets of the Supersellers – Volume 2 – Superselling Skills (e-book)
    • Secrets of the Supersellers – Volume 3 – Real Change is Forever (e-book)
    • Secrets of the Supersellers – Volume 4 – One of Today’s Greatest Challenges (e-book)
    • Secrets of the Supersellers – Volume 5 – Attention Grabbing Statements (e-book)
    • Secrets of the Supersellers – Volume 6 – Knowing Which Questions to Ask (e-book)


SALES BOOKS by Peter Collins

Many of these books are both unique to Peter Collins, or are material with is both Exclusive and mostly World-First Sales Publications. Peter has been writing unique Sales Books and Audio Programs since 1978.

LIST OF SALES BOOKS by Peter Collins

  • Sell Like a Champion (e-book)
  • Winners and Losers (e-book)
    • 10 Minute Sales Lesson (e-book)
  • 10 Easy Ways to Fasttrack Your Income (e-book)
    • So You’d Like to Get Into Sales (e-book)
    • Spotlight on Your Success (e-book)
    • Body Language For Busy People (e-book)
  • Body Language Based on NLP Principles (e-book)
    • Selling Basics That Won’t Let You Down (e-book)
    • Minimise the Tell – Maximise the Sell (e-book)
    • 101 Tips for Becoming a Top Sales Performer (e-book)
    • 101 Ways to Supercharge Your Selling (e-book)
    • Telephone Techniques That Get Results (e-book)
    • Become a Recognised Star Performer (e-book)
    • Sales Survival Kit – [3 Book Pack] (e-books)
    • Sales Survival Kit – Book 1 (e-book)
    • Sales Survival Kit – Book 2 (e-book)
    • Sales Survival Kit – Book 3 (e-book)
    • Fine-Tune Your Way to Bigger Sales (e-book)
    • 10 Sure Ways to Attract People to you (e-book)


BUSINESS BOOKS by Peter Collins

Many of these books are both unique to Peter Collins, or are material with is both Exclusive and mostly World-First Business Publications. Peter has been writing unique Business Books, Sales Books and Audio Programs since 1978.


  • Principles of Success (e-book)
    • You Too Can Have Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude (e-book)
    • Free-Publicity Handbook [Instructional Workbook] (e-book)
    • Free Publicity – An Untapped Marketing Tool (e-book)
    • Worry-Free Public Speaking (e-book
    • Today’s Recession – I’m Not Participating (e-book)
    • Copywriting for the Internet (e-book)
    • Do-It-Yourself Small Business Marketing [Workbook] (e-book)
    • Marketing Your Business During Tough Times (e-book)
    • Kick-Start Small Business Marketing Program [Instructional Workbook] (e-book)
    • 101 Marketing Ideas – Easy to Follow and Apply (e-book)
    • 101 Two Minute Small Business Marketing Hints (e-book)
    • Marketing Basics – For General Business [Instructional Workbook] (e-book)
    • Marketing Basics – For Fast Food and Chicken Shops [Workbook] (e-book)
    • 10 Easy Ways to Fast-Track Your Income (e-book)
    • Subject-Based Attitude Quotes – Alphabetical (e-book)
    • Over 800 Attitude Quote Types – Alphabetical (e-book)
    • 1001 Quote References Featuring Sales – Alphabetical (e-book)
    • 2000 Sales Quotes by Category – Alphabetical (e-book)



  • Financial Success in Scripture (e-book)
    • Power in the Word of God (e-book)
  • Scripture Keys Tabled Alphabetically (e-book)
  • Spiritual Poetic Verse – Book 1 (e-book)
    • Spiritual Poetic Verse – Book 2 (e-book)
    • Success Revealed Through the Bible – Book 1 (e-book)
    • Success Revealed Through the Bible – Book 2 (e-book)
    • Success Revealed Through the Bible – Book 3 (e-book)
    • Success Revealed Through the Bible – Book 4 (e-book)



  • Australiana Book Series [3 Book Pack] (e-books)
    • Australiana Series Book 1 – Australian Slang Dictionary (e-book)
    • Australiana Series Book 2 – Aussie Joke Book – 1 (e-book)
    • Australiana Series Book 3 – Aussie Joke Book – 2 (e-book)


CHRISTIAN BOOKS by Peter Collins

  • Basic Bible Scripture by Category (e-book)
    • Bible Scripture Explained (e-book)
    • Book of Psalms – Book 1 (e-book)
    • Book of Psalms – Book 2 (e-book)
  • Book of Psalms – Book 3 (e-book)
    • Book of Psalms – Book 4 (e-book)
  • Book of Psalms – Book 5 (e-book)



  • Motivational Poetry – Book 1 (e-book)
    • Motivational Poetry – Book 2 (e-book)
  • Uplifting Articles and Verse – Book 1 (e-book)
    • Uplifting Articles and Verse – Book 2 (e-book)
    • Uplifting Articles and Verse – Book 3 (e-book)
  • Uplifting Articles and Verse – Book 4 (e-book)



  • Bible Inspired Poetry Compilation – Book 1 (e-book)
  • Bible Inspired Poetry Compilation – Book 2 (e-book)
  • Bible Inspired Poetry Compilation – Book 3 (e-book)
  • Bible Inspired Poetry Compilation – Book 4 (e-book)
  • Inspirational Poetic Verse – Book 1 (e-book)
    • Inspirational Poetic Verse – Book 2 (e-book)
    • Inspirational Stories – Book 1 (e-book)
    • Inspirational Stories – Book 2 (e-book)
    • Inspirational Verse and Short Stories (e-book)
    • Spiritual Poetic Verse Compilation – Book 1 (e-book)
    • Spiritual Poetic Verse Compilation – Book 2 (e-book)
    • Spiritual Poetic Verse Compilation – Book 3 (e-book)
    • Spiritual Poetic Verse Compilation – Book 4 (e-book)
    • Spiritual Poetic Verse Compilation – Book 5 (e-book)
    • Spiritual Poetic Verse Compilation – Book 6 (e-book)
    • Spiritual Poetic Verse Compilation – Book 7 (e-book)
    • Spiritual Poetic Verse Compilation – Book 8 (e-book)
    • Spiritual Poetic Verse Compilation – Book 9 (e-book)
    • Spiritual Poetic Verse Compilation – Book 10 (e-book)



  • Getting Just About Anything Clean [Hardback] (2 Editions)
    • Getting Just About Anything Clean [Paperback] (6 Editions)
    • Thermax Business Operators Handbook (4 Editions)
    • Thermax Australia Promotional Handbook
  • The Complete Steam Cleaners Handbook [Paperback] (6 Editions)
  • Call to Australia (Christian Democrats) Election Handbook
    • Business Basics – Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship [Handbook] (Written for Australian Chapters)
  • Radiant 2000 Rotisserie Operators Manual
    • Radiant 2000 Rotisserie Marketing Program
  • Radiant 2000 Rotisserie [Chicken Shops] Operators Manual
    • Radiant 2000 Rotisserie [Chicken Shops] Marketing Program
  • Radiant 2000 Rotisserie Promotional Handbook
  • Smarter Barter Sales Training Manual



  • How to Play the Guitar – [Aus] Hardback Paul Hamlyn,
    • How to Play the Guitar – [Aus] Hardback Beaut Books,
    • How to Play the Guitar – [USA] Hardback Paul Hamlyn,
  • How to Play the Guitar – [USA] Hardback Oxford University Press,
  • How to Play the Guitar – [Eng] Hardback Hartwell Books
    • How to Play the Guitar – [Eng] Hardback Paul Hamlyn,
    • How to Play the Guitar – [Aus] Paperback Summit Books
    • How to Play the Guitar – [Aus] Paperback Beaut Books
  • How to Play the Guitar – [USA] Paperback Summit Books
    • How to Play the Guitar – [USA] Paperback Oxford University Press,
  • How to Play the Guitar – [Eng] Paperback Hartwell Books
    • How to Play the Guitar – [Eng] Paperback Summit Books
  • How to Play the Guitar – [France] Paperback Books For Pleasure
  • How to Play the Guitar – [Germany] Paperback Books For Pleasure
  • How to Play the Guitar – [Canada] Paperback Books For Pleasure
  • Elementary Guitar – [Aus] Allan’s Music
  • An Introduction to the Guitar – [Aus] Allan’s Music
  • Graded Guitar Solos – [Aus] Ricordi Music
  • Elementary Guitar – [Aus] Peter Collins Music Centre