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Body Language for Busy People

Body Language for Busy People


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If you want a Body Language book that allows the reader precise information, with a minimum of fuss, on just about anything you need to know about understanding Body Language, this book will be what you are looking for.  It’s concise, straight to the point and easy to read and understand.  Simply pick a subject and read about it.  It’s that easy


Body Language for Busy People

Body Language for Busy People

The comprehensive Body Language Index follow the Preface

Are you are aware that there is a concept known as Body English? If not, then don’t despair because the phrase is definitely not in every day use, but it is perhaps the best way to get one to understand what body language is about.

In a recent basketball game in the USA the sportscaster made the comment that, “Air Jordan used a little Body English to coax that ball into the hoop as he released the free throw.” In plain English, he simply meant the player moved his hips sideways, as if using mind control, to ensure that the ball would go into and through the basket.

In even plainer English, the use of the term “Body English” is just one of many deeper or more descriptive examples of body language that we use to more clearly convey the power of “Body Magic” (another known alternative) as a means of a direct method of communication, replacing or complimenting the use of words with gestures or other alternatives, be it on a daily basis or as we need to in a variety of situations, either consciously or unconsciously.

Whether you are an accomplished reader of Body Language or simply a novice intrigued by the concept of Body Language, you will find the contents of this condensed book on Body Language a valuable reference work and asset to your current professional and private communication skills.

So What is Body Language?

Body language can be described as the unspoken or non-verbal complementary kind of communication we engage in, while in conversation and/or through adjusted gestures that can either confirm the words we use.  Conversely those same or similar gestures can send out alarm bells to those that have been trained to understand the subtleties of our interaction with another person or with groups of people.

Some describe the art of Body Language being somewhat like a mirror that gives us an indication of what the other person may think or feel in response to the way we use our words, or the actions we apply, in conjunction with those words.

Body Language involves gestures, mannerisms, and other bodily signs that may be interpreted by communication experts by gestures that either confirm or send out contradictory signals to the words being spoken at the time.

The reality of body language is that in real life situations, around 60% to 80% of all the messages that we convey to other people are transmitted through the combination of verbal and body language, while actual verbal communication accounts for only 7% to 10%.  However, it is also suggested that if one were to try and read the language of any one person purely by “reading” bodily signs and gestures from a distance.  That too may be no more than 7% to 10%.

Now, Consider This


In order to assume that we can effectively read another persons mind purely from one or two gestures associated any statement is also bordering on hopeful fantasy.   Body Language is mostly that, Body Language.

Just like you will mostly never be able to understand what a person is thinking from just one or two words that they may utter on any subject and you would be better waiting for the person to convey what they want to say based on a sentence, you should also not endeavour to “read” another’s body language unless you are able to combine what they are saying based on a cluster of gestures that may either confirm or seemingly contradict  what they are saying.

Not one person has been able to use body language to accurately read another person’s mind.  However, those that understand and use body language in a positive way do so as a means of helping them communicate better and to lead the communication closer to a more favourable outcome is what separates the men from the boys, and can become a powerful adjunct tool.

Body Language can also be a creative and powerful tool to help accentuate and/or disguise personality traits, create short term illusions about ones personality, or become a really fast-track way to overall personality development.

Used effectively and in the most imaginative of ways, it will assist in the understanding of how body language works and how it can help create a great impression for work, business, and even romantic situations.  This is simply achieved by understanding of how this not-so-common, yet extremely powerful field of study can help you see and sense things that others may not be able to.

The application of Body Language can be one of the best adjuncts to the many other spoken, unspoken and visual tools that one can use on the life-long journey to a successful life.

So read on and find out how you can read and utilize body language – the most used yet most misunderstood secret language in the world.

And a little More you should be Aware of

Body language is made up of bodily and facial gestures that either confirm or may contradict what we are wanting to convey verbally.  It also encompasses the majority of the voluntary and involuntary non-verbal movements we make as a part of how we communicate no matter how much we may try and disguise or hide what we want others not to see.

Body language also involves long term developed gestures such as waving hands waving hands to all forms of involuntary gestures such as the twitching of facial and other muscles.  Each of which are difficult to “read” unless analyzed against what is being said, or in more extreme cases, what was meant to be said but the person saying it at the time was unable to get the words out they way they wanted to.

Peter Collins

Body Language for Busy People INDEX

Disclaimer and Terms of Use Agreement     

Body Language for Busy People Overview       

Body Language Table of Contents – INDEX      


Chapter 1 – What is Body Language

Now Consider this

A little more you should be aware of

We all are intrigued by Body Language

The Most Important part is                                 

Chapter 2 – Reading the Signs                                             

Various Types of Body Language

2a – When they are Interested in You     

2b – They are Interested in What You Say     

2c – They are Inclined to Agree With You   

2d – People Think all the time      

When They Are Frustrated and/or Dismayed

When things Suggest They may be Action-Oriented

2e – When Defending or Hiding Something       

When They are Defensive or Hiding Something

When They Indicate They are Bored   .

2f – They Convey Excitement or Interest          

Signals that Exhibit Confidence, Authority or Power

2g – Signals Underlying Anger/Resistance      

2h – Signals of Nervousness or Tension          

2i – They are Doubting or Suspecting You       

Things you need to Know when Reassuring Others

Signals of the Prospect’s Need for Reassurance

Indications of Pride

2j – How to Know When Others are Lying    

Despite these things Never Jump to Conclusions

Chapter 3 – Mirroring  

Become Them

Correspond your Actions with Their Moods

Build Rapport

Mirroring can Work in the Strangest of Places

Chapter 4: Body Language in Negotiations      

Chapter 4 – Body Language in Negotiations

The First Step Early Signs

Understanding Personal Space in Negotiations

First Impressions Last

Eye Contact is Crucial

Smile Often

Use their Name Often

The Handshake is Important

Give them your Undivided Attention

4a – Mirror their Body Language 

Match their Speech

Accept others Without Reservation

Never Put Down Your Opposition

Put Your Body Language Know-how to Use

Chapter 5 – Body Language in Selling

5a – Understanding Sales Body Language     

Body Language may suggest Superiority to others

Body Language Assisting you in your Selling

Body Language as a Universal Medium

5b – Body Language to Make Sales Sizzle    

5c – Body Language to Counter Objections

Chapter 6 – Aggressive Body Language

6a – Body Language Threat Signals         

Facial Signals in Body Language

Attack Signals in Body Language

Exposing yourself in Attack

Invasion Signals in Body Language

False Friendship Signals in Body Language

Approach in Body Language

Touching in Body Language

6b – Body Language Gestures 

Insulting Gestures in Body Language

Mock Attack in Body Language

Sudden Movements in Body Language

Large Gestures in Body Language


6c – Persuasive Body Language Styles 

Open Stance Body Language

Forced Hand in Body Language

Following Processes in Body Language

Chapter 7 – Closed Body Language

Language of Closure in Body Language

Reasons for Closing in Body Language

7a – Sales Closure Body Language 

Mental Trauma During Closing

Thanking During Sales Closing

7b – More Closed Body Language 

Arms Across in Body Language

Legs Across in Body Language

Looking Down or Away in Body Language

7c – Defensive Body Language 

Defending Signals in Body Language

Hiding Body Language in Various Ways

7d – Confusing Body Language 

Cold Weather can Affect Body Language Signals

Relaxing – Reading Wrong Body Signals

Chapter 8 – Open Body Language

Language of Closure in Body Language

Reasons for Closing in Body Language

8a – Arms in Open Body Language 

8a – Hands in Open Body Language 

8a – Legs in Open Body Language 

8d – Relaxed Clothing in Open Body Language 

8e – Reason for Open Body Language   

8f – Acceptance in Open Body Language

8g – Passive Threat in Body Language

8h – Aggression in Body Language 

8i – Supplication in Body Language

8j – Relaxing in Body Language  

Chapter 9 – Dominant Body Language

Size Signals through Body Language

Making the Body Big through Body Language

Occupying Territory through Body Language

9a – Body Language Superiority Signals

Breaking Social Rules using Body Language

Ownership using Body Language

Invasion using Body Language

Belittling Others using Body Language

Facial Signals using Body Language

Phallic Displays using Body Language

Dominant Greetings using Body Language

The Handshake through Body Language

Eyes through Body Language

Speaking through Body Language

9b – Response to Dominance

Chapter 10 – Bored Body Language

Language of Boredom




10a – Reason for Boredom

Lack of Interest

10b – When Boredom turns into Readiness

Ready Body Language


The Language of Readiness





10b – Some Reasons for that Readiness

Ready Body Language


Ready to Buy

Continuing Conversation

Ready to Fight

Chapter 11 – Deceptive Body Language

Size Signals through Body Language

Language of Deception

Reasons for Deception




Distracted trying to Cover-Up Issues

A Profound Need to Avoid being Detected

Chapter 12 – Conclusion

Size Signals through Body Language

There are Varied forms of Communication

Actions Speak Louder than Words



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