Dennis Burt

I’ve known Peter Collins for about eighteen months after attending one of his Profit Maker sales seminars. In November last year I went to a second seminar with Peter, the Winning Sales Edge seminar on changing sales and embracing better winning ways to sell face-to-face. At the time the company I’m with were doing round about $180-190,000 sales per month.  From December on, it was quite over Christmas, but from January, February right through till now, we started to increase roughly by 25% each month. Up till the last two months we’re turning over $400,000. Prior to that I had one salesman helping me, but now I’m the only salesman there. To tell you the truth, I am not that fantastic as a salesman, but what this information has done is changed my life as well as my income.  Even my customers are saying, ‘What has changed with you, you appear to be different? Why all of a sudden you can give all these promises?’ and I just ‘well I’ve been to sales seminars for years, but I’ve met Peter Collins who, as a record-breaker, has shown me how to sell, shown me how to speak to people, how to trial-close the sale and shown me how to close a sale, so when I leave a customer, the customer is happy with what he’s got’. But since I attended that last Profit Maker seminar, I’m up early, I’m making more calls and I’m also calling on at least one more person a day.  I’ve also read his book ‘Over 50 Ways of Closing the Sale’ and I’ve taken some things out of the book and written little scrips for myself, and I’ll read from these scripts throughout my working day.

Dennis Burt – Sales Manager – Wholesale Lighting

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