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Professional Copywriting for Every Business Purpose

These days, there is a real misunderstanding of the benefits of professional copywriting, especially among those with the small business communities, whether they be based in the city, city fringes, urban or rural communities.  Most know how to hurriedly write “copy” for a local newspaper advertisement without preparation or forethought while a newspaper space salesman is waiting patiently for the copy.  Most also don’t take the time to monitor the result or to take time on focused follow-up.

As an alternative, a good copywriter can take hours writing an introductory letter for a telemarketer to follow up, or to introduce a new product line or idea.  In fact, most copywriters are either never asked why so many hours have gone into the project – especially if the work done gets good results.  It’s a valued return on investment.

As far back as 2002, when Peter Collins was working with Mark Stephens (one of the best free publicity gurus you will ever come across) Peter was under the impression he and Mark had mastered internet marketing reasonably well.

Mark asked Peter to rewrite a clients website, and within months his overall business quadrupled in turnover.  Within a year or two that business was listed in the Business Review Weekly (BRW )fastest growing business awards list.

Peter was told the business had that phenomenal growth due to his copywriting.  But he don’t believe it to be entirely right.  He believed the business achieved what it did, due to a combination of factor . . . all based around sound business practice.  In other words, it was a combination of the carefully crafted website content, well planned other media advertising and promotions, the development of an experienced sales force that was managed extremely well, and a business plan meticulously worked and applied and reworked rigidly.

However, when Mark was then asked by the website owners brother to come up with a better advertisement to help sell his business.  Peter was again consulted and “disappeared” for an hour or two to work to try and get a few calls to come through the phone.  The owner had been advertising the business 7 days a weeks in Sydney’s largest newspaper, the Sydney Morning Herald, daily and weekend editions, for over three months and had not received a reply.  Yet the day after Peter’s rewritten copy appeared in the newspaper over 90 calls were received and the business was sold around 24 hours later.

That is the value of good copywriting.  Right every business needs that type of result.

Peter Collins Website Copywriting

Website Copywriting for TODAY’S Websites

We are all capable of writing letters, however, when it comes to copywriting that becomes another matter.  Many of us have read stories written by so called experts on the internet only to find that in record time we either stop reading, wonder what the point of the story is, or what the writer had in mind when the story or product summary sell was all about.

The reason this happens is because of the way the internet has evolved in a life-span just a little over 10 years.  And until recently, when REAL LIFE MARKETERS, not the untrained, self styled and self proclaimed, so called internet copywriting and marketing “experts,” have begun dominating the internet with REAL MARKETING EXPERTISE.

When I was first asked to copywrite for the internet I felt as if I was entering unchartered territory.  To begin with I was quickly informed that I had better work out my metatags (SEO keywords) and write copy around them.  That method took me hours and I ended up with really hard to read copy.

In frustration, I reverted back to the way I had been taught to write copy some 30 years ago and it all began to flow.  Once the story was complete, I intertwined the keywords I was instructed to have, handed the copy over to the web developer, and he then found he couldn’t put the copy down until he finished reading it.  His response was, it was some of the best copywriting he had seen in his 10 years in the industry.

That made it unique, is that I created a document based on “marketing speak,” a writing style that generates quick interest and keeps the reader interested in reading more.

But before you decide to go headlong and employ the services of a copywriter, follow the links on this website on copywriting.  If they don’t help you write reasonable first time product and story-line copy, then give us a call and we will do it professionally and mostly within your budget.

Peter Collins Website Copywriting

Professional Website Re-writes that Work

Websites are created most businesses today for one of three reasons:

  1. As a Lead Gathering or Database Driven Selling Medium
  2. To provide Information on Products, Services and Business Hours
  3. As a must have introduction to the business

Now  notice the order sequence of the reasons given in the above example, because not too long back (some would say even less than a year ago), the order would most probably have been:

  1. To provide Information on Products, Services and Business Hours
  2. As a must have introduction to the business
  3. As a Lead Gathering or Database Driven Selling Medium

But if we had analysed things just a year earlier, just the first two of the three would have taken prominence.  The third (as a Lead Gathering or Database Driven Selling Medium) would have been considered too difficult to achieve the results businesses would be working towards for their ROI (Return On Investment).

As you have noticed, in more recent years the now consumer driven change experienced has become more rapid and demands more by way of content from the advertiser.  On-line sales growth has accelerated during this period as consumer confidence grows with the advent of more secure credit card transactions on line.

It is for precisely those reasons website should be rewritten periodically and professionally.  Give us a call, the fee may be far lower that anticipated.

Peter Collins Website Copywriting

Websites Stand Out and Flourish whenever Good Copywriting Skills are Applied

A well focused Copywriter with a planed format  will bring an understanding to their work, that when people skills are confronted with technological change, the merging of the two can a force to be reckoned with.  This one thought can then be further enhanced by keeping the newly written copy filled with relevant emotional triggers.

Good marketers understand that by giving a Copywriter a brief on a certain subject, then allowing the Copywriter just a few hours to carry out the research, reader emotions will most likely be stirred to the point where certain pre-determined suggestions and directions are more likely to be followed.

A marriage of ideas, marketing vision, with Good Copywriting on a well structured website may be all you need to add a life-line of tens of thousands of additional dollars in revenue to a struggling business affected by the recession.

Peter Collins and Profit Maker Sales are geared to work with you in each of the vital areas to help bring your website to life.


Peter Collins Website Copywriting